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Summarecon understand and realize that the information that you provide to us is personal and confidential. We greatly appreciate the trust you give to it we will keep the information you have provided properly and carefully .

This page will explain our privacy policy on the website By visiting the Summarecon website, you have agreed to all the activities described in this Privacy Policy page.

What kind of personal data that will be collected by Summarecon?

The information we get from visitors is very helpful for us in making the changes to improve the quality and service quality of Summarecon. We receive and store any information you submit into our website . We use this information in order to give a response to your request, improve the quality of our services, and to communicate with you.

Are Summarecon will disseminate the information received?

Information on the data of our customers is very important to our business. We only share customer data to related parties as mentioned below .

  1. Business Affiliation
    We are closely related to our affiliate partners . In certain circumstances in which you conduct transactions with our affiliates , we will provide data about you to the partner concerned.
  2. Agent
    We use a company or individual to do some case in accordance with our request. For example: delivery of goods, mail and e-mail, analyzing data, and providing customer service. They have access to your data that is required to perform the above activities, but is not used for any other purpose.

Provisions common uses, notices, and revisions

We may at any time make changes to our business as well as the Privacy Policy of this website. You are requested to check our website periodically to see recent changes. Our Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you and we are not going to do the change arbitrary.