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1975 November 26

Incorporation of PT Summarecon Agung

1976 September

Started development of residential houses on 10 hectares of land in Kelapa Gading Permai

1978 - 1980

Built the first of many facilities in the making of a township; wet market, schools

1984 May

Opening of Kelapa Gading Permai Sports Club. The club facilities have since been upgraded and is now known as Klub Kelapa Gading


Property sales for the year exceed 1,000 units for the first time. Achieved a record 1,410 units. Have now sold 12,000 units since its founding

1990 March

Opening of Mal Kelapa Gading Phase 1, with 25,000 m2 of retail space

1990 May 7

Company listed on the former Jakarta Stock Exchange with the stock code "SMRA". Summarecon now own 550 hectares of land with 450 hectares in Kelapa Gading and 100 hectares in Bekasi

1991 March

Joint venture to develop the 1,500-hectare Gading Serpong township

1995 May

Mal Kelapa Gading Phase 2 opened, with additional 33,000 m2 of retail space

2000 November

Opened Gading Food City, a 12,000 m2 open-air eatery

2003 April

Mal Kelapa Gading Phase 3 opened, adding another 67,000 m2 of retail space

2003 May

First bond issue for Rp200 billion with 5-year term ending on 25 June 2008. Rated id BBB by Pefindo on issuance.

2004 May

Summarecon's development area in Serpong re-branded into Summarecon Serpong

2004 December

Opening of La Piazza, a 33,000 m2 life-style center

2006 November

Mal Kelapa Gading expands into 4th phase. It is now a 150,000 m2 shopping mall

2007 June 22

First rights issue with one new share for every 6 existing shares. Issued 459,014,453 new shares, raising the share capital to 3,213,101,173 shares of Rp 100 each.

2007 June 28

Opening of Summarecon Mal Serpong Phase 1, a 43,000 m2 shopping mall in Summarecon Serpong

2007 December 31

Group revenues exceeded Rp1 trillion for the first time

2008 September 13

Second bond issue for Rp 300 billion; of which Rp200 billion is a syariah bond with 5-year term ending on 25 June 2013. Rated id A- by Pefindo on issuance. Rating upgraded to id A in 2010.

2008 October 29

Opening of Plaza Summarecon Serpong; an 8-storey office building for Serpong operations

2010 March 10

The birth of Summarecon Bekasi; Summarecon's third and latest township. Residential sales started in the following month.

2010 May 12

Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading opened with 300 rooms to meet the hospitality needs of travelers to Kelapa Gading and the surrounding areas

2010 December 31

Achieved a new pre-sales benchmark with Rp 2.16 trillion of properties sold during the year.

2011 January 15

Summarecon Bandung opens office to facilitate local operations

2011 August

St. Carolus Summarecon Serpong hospital opened with capacity of 70 beds to meet the woman & child healthcare needs of Summarecon Serpong society and the surrounding areas.

2011 October

Peresmian Summarecon Mal Serpong (SMS) Tahap 2 seluas 50.000 m2 pada bulan Oktober 2011

2011 December

The opening of Menara Satu office tower at Kelapa Gading with 18,800 m2 GFA

2013 April

Summarecon officiated the flyover KH Noer Ali Summarecon Bekasi which is the key access to Summarecon Bekasi

2013 June

The opening of Summarecon Mal Bekasi with 80,000 m2 of retail space