History & Milestones

  • 2022
  • November

    • The Verena Homes Residence Summarecon Emerald Karawang officially launched.
    • The Heron Premium Residence Summarecon Serpong officially launched.
    • Summarecon Bandung again received an Environmental Social Responsibility Award (TJSL) from the Bandung City Government.
    • Summarecon Mall Bandung held the Global Running World Bicycle (GRWB) Duathlon Bandung Chapter.

  • October

    • Scientia Square Park received the “Apresiasi Usaha Industri Pariwisata Provinsi Banten 2022” award, from the Banten Provincial Tourism Office
    • Summarecon launched the 8th area development, Summarecon Crown Gading, a New Prima Donna Property in North - East Jakarta.
    • Summarecon Bogor again received the Golden Property Award 'The People's Choice' from Indonesia Property Watch in collaboration with 99 Grou.
    • Summarecon Mall Serpong in collaboration with Summarecon Serpong held SGWR 2022, as part of Festival Kuliner Serpong events.
    • Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) presents The 10th Festival Kuliner Serpong (FKS).

  • September

    • JF3 Fashion Festival was held again for the 18th time by displaying Indonesian fashion product.
    • Food Festival JF3 is again presenting the culinary heritage of the archipelago through Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe.
    • Pinewood Extension from The Pinewood Residence Summarecon Bogor officially launched.
    • Phase 2 of Jade Residence Summarecon Mutiara Makassar officially launched.
    • Summarecon Mall Bekasi presents The 7th Pasar Senggol (Paseng).

  • July

    Fannya Type from The Flora Residence Summarecon Bandung officially launched.

  • May

    • Summarecon Bandung again won an award as a "Property Company that Cares about Public Services" at the Tribun Jabar Editor's Choice 2.0
    • Sherry Type Residential from The Topaz Residence Summarecon Mutiara Makassar officially launched.

  • April

    Phase 2 of Melody Shop House Summarecon Serpong officially launched.

  • March

    Summarecon won Gold Champion At WOW Brand Festive Day 2022 event.

  • February

    The Leonora Residence Summarecon Serpong officially launched.

  • January

    Pradita University together with the Yayasan Pendidikan Pradita Indonesia, as well as the French Embassy in Indonesia and the Institut Francais d'Indonesie inaugurated IFI Serpong.

  • 2021
  • Desember

    • The Mulberry Residence Summarecon Bekasi officially launched.
    • Summarecon Serpong winning the FIABCI Indonesia - REI EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2021.

  • November

    • The Xandari Residence Summarecon Bandung offially launched Exclusive Residential Plot. 
    • Summarecon carried out Topping Off Summarecon Mall Bandung located at Summarecon Bandung

  • October

    • The Carson Residence Summarecon Serpong officially launched. 
    • The Carribean Residence Summarecon Serpong officially launched. 
    • The Scarlet Commercial Summarecon Bekasi officially launched. 
    • The Morizen Summarecon Bekasi won “Best Premium Housing Development” at 2021 Golden Property Awards. 
    • Summarecon Bogor won “Regional Scale Development” at 2021 Golden Property Awards. 
    • The Pinewood and The Rosewood Golf Residence Summarecon Bogor officially launched.

  • September

    Summarecon held the 17th Jakarta Fashion & Food Festival (JF3) at Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading.

  • Juni

    • Summarecon held Ground Breaking of Summarecon Villaggio Jakarta Luxury Outlet (SVJLO) located at Summarecon Emerald Karawang
    • The Topaz Residence Summarecon Mutiara Makassar officially launched. 
    • Summarecon Mall Serpong in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) presents Kopi Craft Indonesia.

  • Mei

    • Summarecon won the “BCI Asia Top 10 Developers 2021” award at the BCI Asia Award 2020/2021
    • Martinez Residential in Symphonia Area Summarecon Serpong won award at BCI Asia Award 2020 / 2021
    • Morizen Residential in Summarecon Bekasi won award at BCI Asia Award 2020 / 2021.
    • Summarecon Mall Bekasi presents the newest outdoor attraction, Magical Forest with an outdoor digital playground concept.

  • April

    • 11 Years of Summarecon’s Bekasi Journey 
    • Phase 3 of Flora Residential Summarecon Bandung officially launched.
    • The Aristoteles Commercial Summarecon Serpong officially launched virtually.
    • The Graha Boulevard Commercial Summarecon Mutiara Makassar officially launched. 
    • The Green Crystal Residence Summarecon Mutiara Makassar officially launched.

  • Maret

    The Melody Commercial Summarecon Serpong officially launched virtually.

  • Februari

    • Summarecon Bandung won The “Appresiasi Bidang Inovasi” award at The Tribun Jabar Appreciation event. 
    • Summarecon Mall Serpong in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) presents the North Sumatra Culinary and Creative Products Fair titled Beli Kreatif Danau Toba (BKDT) and Pesona Kuliner Danau Toba (PKDT).

  • 2020
  • October

    Summarecon Bogor “Summarecon Bogor is the seventh and latest township to be developed on 450 hectares of land spread out over the hills of the Bogor regency. With a resort-like environment, the residential and commercial properties seek to provide a serene and natural space away from the nearby bustling city of Bogor”

  • 2018
  • November

    Summarecon Mutiara Makassar

    City concept with a strategic location, adjacent to airports and ports in Eastern Indonesia as a center for intercity and international business. This Summarecon Mutiara Makassar will provide commercial and residential areas equipped with warehouses, clubhouses, halls with professional town management and 24-hour security management. The presence of Summarecon Mutiara Makassar is expected to support the lives of urban communities and become the preferred destination for shopping.

  • August

    Srimaya Residence in South Bekasi

    SRIMAYA RESIDENCE was developed in the concept of a modern residential area of 15 ha, consisting of a commercial area and 3 residential clusters. Implement a self-contained water system through the provision of lakes in an 8,000 m2 green area. This lake not only functions as a water reservoir to anticipate the rainy season but also as a pleasant water park.

  • 2017
  • September

    Summarecon won The Golden Property Awards 2017 :

    • Lifetime Achivement Awards, Soetjipto Nagaria, President Commissioner also founder of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk.
    • Best Compact Scale Development Project Karawang Area, Summarecon Emerald Karawang.
    • Best Large Scale Development Project Bandung, Summarecon Bandung.
    • Best Shopping Center/Mall Bekasi Area, Summarecon Mal Bekasi.

  • July

    The opening of HARRIS Convention Hall Summarecon Bekasi.

  • May

    Summarecon won a world class prestigious award in the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Award 2017 annual property awards.

    • World Gold Winner for Retail Category Summarecon Mal Bekasi.
    • World SILVER Winner for Public Infrastructure / Amenities Category Summarecon Bekasi.

  • January

    The opening of Mövenpick Resort & Spa Jimbaran Bali.

  • 2016
  • September

    Opening Celebration of Samasta Lifestyle Village - Jimbaran Bali, on September 28th.

  • October

    • A special award presented to Real Estate Personality of The Year 2016 recipient Herman Nagaria, Director of Business & Property Development at Summarecon, at The Indonesia Property Awards 2016.
    • In addition, PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, also won awards for Special Recognition in Sustainable Development.

  • 2015
  • November

    The Birth of Summarecon Bandung.

  • May

    • The Springs Summarecon Serpong crowned as The World Gold Winner and earned The Gold Trophy in this year's The FIABCI Prix d'Excellence.
    • The same project was also crowned as the winner of 5 Star, or The Best of Indonesia by the International Property Awards.

  • 2014
  • December

    The Opening of Harris Hotel Sumarecon Bekasi, which was also the first hotel in the Summarecon Bekasi.

  • November

    Summarecon Serpong launched The Serpong M-Town Apartments.

  • September

    Summarecon Kelapa Gading launched The Kensington Apartments.

  • May

    • Summarecon Serpong with its TK Pahoa project won prestigious awards as World Gold Winner in category Purpose Built Category and World Silver Winner in category Sustainable Development in the annual FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Award 2014.
    • Grand Opening The Springs Club, the newest sports and family club in Summarecon Serpong.

  • April

    Summarecon Bekasi launched The SpringLake Apartments.

  • 2013
  • November

    • Shoppers-Insight Service Quality Award for Summarecon Mal Bekasi from Markplus Insight.
    • The Opening of Menara Satu, the new icon of office building in the region of Sentra Kelapa Gading.

  • August

    The 6th grade for Indonesia Green Company from SWA Magazine.

  • June

    The opening of Summarecon Mal Bekasi.

  • April

    Summarecon officiated the flyover KH Noer Ali Summarecon Bekasi.

  • March

    Launching The Kensington Commercial Summarecon Kelapa Gading.

  • 2012
  • January - December

    • Runner up Asia's Best Company & TOP Developer from Top Brand.
    • Best Housing Developer award from Corporate Image Award.
    • The Best Innovation in Green Development & Customer Satisfaction award for Summarecon Serpong from Indocement Awards.
    • Best Shopping Mall for Hospitality & Overall Performance award for Summarecon Mal Serpong.
    • Best Facilities award for La Piazza from Shoppers Insight Shopping Mall Awards.

  • 2011
  • December

    The opening of Menara Satu office tower at Kelapa Gading.

  • October

    The opening of Summarecon Mal Serpong Phase 2.

  • August

    The opening of St. Carolus Summarecon Serpong Hospital.

  • July

    The opening of Sinpasa Summarecon Bekasi Modern Market.

  • February

    The opening of Graha Bulevar Summarecon Serpong.

  • January

    Summarecon Bandung opened office to facilitate local operations.

  • 2010
  • October

    One of The Fastest Growing Companies FORTUNE.

  • August

    Succesfull of unit selling for The Springs Summarecon Serpong.

  • May

    The opening of Harris Hotel Kelapa Gading.

  • March

    The birth of Summarecon Bekasi.

  • 2009
  • December

    Best Luxury Housing Award from FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Award.

  • 2008
  • October

    The opening of Plaza Summarecon Serpong

  • 2007
  • June

    The opening of Summarecon Mal Serpong Phase 1

  • 2006
  • November

    The opening of Mal Kelapa Gading Phase 4

  • 2005
  • November

    30 years Summarecon: New Logo & Vission - Mission

  • September

    “Wirabakti Bumi” AWARD from Real Estate Indonesia

  • 2004
  • December

    The opening of La Piazza Summarecon Kelapa Gading

  • 2003
  • April

    • ”Perintis Penataan Kawasan Kelapa Gading” Award
    • Mal Kelapa Gading Phase 3 opened add 67,000 m2 of retail space

  • 2000
  • November

    The opening of Gading Food City Summarecon Kelapa Gading

  • 1995
  • Maret

    Mal Kelapa Gading Phase 2 opened with add 33,000 m2 of retail space

  • 1991
  • March

    Joint venture to develop the 1,500 ha Gading Serpong township

  • 1990
  • March

    The opening of Mal Kelapa Gading Phase 1

  • 1984
  • May

    The opening of Kelapa Gading Permai Sports Club is now known as Klub Kelapa Gading

  • 1976
  • September

    Started development of residential houses on 10 hectares of land in Kelapa Gading Permai

  • 1975
  • November

    Incorporation of PT Summarecon Agung