Yayasan Syiar Bangsa

Yayasan Syiar Bangsa
Summarecon Bekasi
Jl. Bulevar Utara, Blok L
Bekasi 17426
Tel: 021 2957 9390
Fax:021 2957 9398

Yayasan Syiar Bangsa is one form of social responsibility from PT. Summarecon Agung, Tbk to make a useful contribution to the society and the surrounding environment, especially through the education sector to create a qualified young generation with a noble character. Yayasan Syiar Bangsa and Yayasan Pesantren Islam (YPI) AL AZHAR established & managed Al Azhar Islamic School Summarecon Serpong & Summarecon Bekasi.

YPI Al Azhar was chosen as an educational provider because of its reputation and credibility as an educational institution that proved successful in spawning qualified graduates. Al Azhar Islamic School in Summarecon Bekasi and Summarecon Serpong are equipped with qualified and professional faculty, as well as various facilities to realize the vision of Yayasan Syiar Bangsa, that is to realize a quality education, international standard with basic science and technology (Science and Technology) and Faith and Piety (IMTAK) in achieving the divine achieveme

See full website here ยป www.syiarbangsa.org