Summarecon Bandung

Summarecon Bandung

Jl. Gedebage Selatan No. 98
Bandung 40296
Tel: +62 22 8730 1588
Fax:+62 22 8730 1599

Summarecon Bandung is located in Gedebage, Bandung City, this fourth township is Summarecon's first major development away from the Greater Jakarta region and it aims to replicate the "Wonderful Living" concept espoused by the Company in all its current projects. The township will also leverage on Bandung City’s vision to transform itself into "Bandung Teknopolis" a modern and truly urban and integrated hub city with features that include a dynamic government center, multi modal hub with transport-oriented developments, technology parks, academic institutions, shopping precincts, and city parks. Likewise, Summarecon's development concept for the township embraces the following philosophies :

  • "Urban & Vibrant" city with high foot traffic.
  • "Green & Blue" with an estimated 27 hectares of green space and water features.
  • "Transit Oriented Development" where riding public transportation is the norm.
  • "Live Work Play" within the location without having to venture far away from each routine.
  • "Emerging Creative Smart City" that promotes and cultivates entrepreneurship (think ICT !) in this modern society.
  • "Local Wisdom" wherein global concepts are harmoniously adapted to the local Sundanese culture.

Summarecon Bandung will be connected to the Padaleunyi Tollroad, the proposed Bandung Intra Urban Toll Road (City Ring Road), and the proposed Jakarta-Bandung Rail Link, thus providing for easy accessibility to the township.

In November 2015, two clusters of houses with an Ecofriendly architectural design that benefit from the cool mountain climate, was launched and all 400 units were sold during this maiden launch.

A pipeline of both residential and commercial properties are being prepared to meet the strong demand for welldesigned quality homes from the peoples of Bandung.

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