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Located about 21 km west of Jakarta, the municipalities of Serpong and Tangerang have been earmarked as one of the satellite cities that support the growth of Jakarta, especially in accommodating the housing needs of a growing population. Thus back in 1993, Summarecon teamed up with the Keris Group to develop a new township, then known as Gading Serpong with a total acreage of 1,500 hectares. However in 2004, the business venture decided to individually pursue the development of Gading Serpong. With an equal share of about 400 hectares each, Summarecon is developing its portion under the name of Summarecon Serpong. Up to 2004, we have already developed 400 hectares of Gading Serpong. Post separation Summarecon Serpong has developed another 40 clusters of both residential and commercial neighbourhoods on 200 ha of land. Altogether Summarecon have now built 12,000 units of residential and commercial neighbourhood properties, a shopping mall, automobile center, an office tower, a golf course and a recreational club. Summarecon have also provided for the development of facilities for amenities like schools (with pre-primary to tertiary education), institutes of higher learning, wet-markets, recreation club, golf course and club, and a soon-to-open hospital. With a current available land of 500 hectares, Summarecon Serpong is set to emulate and exceed the success of Summarecon Kelapa Gading in the near future.


Current and future projects

Pondok Hijau Golf

Pondok Hijau Golf  is a 110-hectare residential development located adjacent to the golf course of Gading Raya Padang Golf.  With the golf course as the backdrop, this is an exclusive estate and is currently the most prestigious location in Summarecon Serpong.  Started in 2006, Summarecon have since developed 90 hectares with 11 clusters comprising 2,400 units of residential properties. The remaining 20 hectares will be developed with residential and commercial neighbourhoods in the coming years.

Scientia Garden

Started in 2008, Scientia Garden is planned to be the "education and multi-media valley" for Gading Serpong. Commercial developments on this 75-hectare location includes a university, institutes of higher learning, multi-media office park, retail center for information, communication & telecommunication - related businesses, and exhibition / convention facilities. Residential neighbourhoods will be developed to accommodate people who study and/or work in this location.  

The Universitas Multimedia Nusantara of Kompas Publishing Group has 3,000 students, with another 20,000 intake when the 8-hectare university campus is fully developed. The Surya Research & Education Center will open later in the year, thus adding depth to the concept. Summarecon has already developed 25 hectares with 950 units of residential and commercial neighbourhood properties spread over 4 clusters.

The Springs

This latest development will take in the natural beauty of the lakes and rolling hills that is spread over the 100-hectare area. This project will feature 11 residential clusters with an estimated 3,000 units of houses, and will be supported by commercial neighbourhoods strategically located across the project to cater to the residents' needs. A sports and recreation club complete with banqueting facilities will be built on the shores of one of the larger lakes. Members can then enjoy their favourite games in a club nestled in a green environment. Summarecon have already started development on two residential clusters with 480 units of houses on 13 hectares of land.