11 Years Of Summarecon Bekasi's Journey

Transformed Into A Favorite Destination For East Jakarta Residents

Summarecon Bekasi in 11 years of its journey has become a prestigious developer in Bekasi City. PT Summarecon Agung Tbk (SMRA) has succeeded in developing an integrated area that presents a commercial and residential area in a modern city setting. Commitment in presenting the best products and having a positive impact on the surrounding environment is one of the keys for Summarecon Bekasi to always have a place in the hearts of the community. Executive Director of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, Albert Luhur revealed, since it was introduced and officially opened in 2010, Summarecon Bekasi has become a new attraction for property seekers, both end users and investors.

"The development of the area and facilities to date has made Summarecon Bekasi a destination for people whose hobbies are culinary, sports, or their lifestyle and daily needs as well as a home for various communities. 11 years mark the region's journey to make it more classy and qualified through our activities summarize the latest facilities, promos offered to consumers and the achievements and innovations to date, "said Albert in a statement.

Summarecon Bekasi has 6 new facilities which include:

  1. La Spezia, Waterfront Culinary.
  2. Financial Center Summarecon Bekasi
  3. Permata Keluarga Hospital
  4. Program Take The Easy Way, DP 0% and VAT Incentives Up to 100%
  5. VAT Incentive Program from the Government of Up to 100%
  6. "1 Year Worry Free" Program

And there are many more achievements and innovations that the Summarecon Bekasi area has achieved. Starting from the achievement of Magenta Residence which managed to sell 50 units in its first stage in just 3 hours to receiving a prestigious property award in early 2021, namely the Gold Champion for the Residential Property Developer category from the prestigious WOW Brand Festive Day 2021 award event. obtained by Summarecon Bekasi who was successfully named The Best Premium Housing in Bekasi from the 2021 Urban City Awards.