A Collaboration Between Pradita Institute and Worldwide Graphic Designers

Pradita Institute always provide the best education by giving the students a real experience learning, not only with an international lecturer but knowledge sharing from the best professional. This time one of the major that received the oppurtunity is Visual Communication Design and Interior Design. Pradita Institute give the students an online learning opportunities in the form of knowledge sharing, with an Graphic Designer from South Korea, Byoung Il Sun.

Furthermore, the students also holds a workshop with five main themes such as war, sickness and poverty, natural disaster, environment, andhuman rights. Through this learning, the workshop produce 18 posters from Visual Design Communication and 12 posters from Interior Design that has been exhibited at the same time as Byoung Il Sun’s and another Worldwide Graphic Designer’s works, in Typo Expo Exhibition at Downtown Festival 2019, Summarecon Mall Serpong on 1 - 14 April 2019.