Aristoteles Commercial by Summarecon Serpong Gain Positive Responses from Property Customers

2021 is an important year for the property world, in line with the increasing need for business space, as well as business, investment and entrepreneurship that continues to grow dynamically. Responding to this request, Summarecon Serpong, a business unit of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, again launched a flagship commercial product called Ruko Aristoteles (Aristoteles commercial), located in a developed area, Scientia Garden. On April 24, 2021, the first virtual sale of Aristotle's shop houses began and as many as 82 units or 100% of the total units marketed have been sold out. The first launch of this latest property product has successfully recorded sales achievements of a total of 250 billion rupiah. This achievement follows an earlier achievement, namely on March 13th, commercial Serpong managed to sell out 46 units of Melody commercial in 3 hours of online sales.

Aristoteles commercial has a strategic location, in an area of 200 hectares, Scientia Garden which is designed as an integrated area with the tagline "Smart and Green Environment", a modern residential concept with the latest technology combined with an environmentally oriented system. This commercial is even more special because it is located on the West Boulevard of Scientia Garden which is the vein of the area because it is surrounded by clustered environments and commercial that are built with good occupancy rates. These include the Aristotle, Darwin and Maxwell clusters to other residential clusters that provide the potential for optimal visitor flow. Aristoteles shop houses are marketed with prices starting from 3 billion rupiah with a land size starting from 80 meters2 and a building area of 126 meters2 with several types to suit business needs, including a business expansion area in the form of an outdoor terrace and a balcony (sky terrace).