Cluster Genova Summarecon Bandung Modern Premium Residence for Millennials

It is fascinating to observe the continuously evolving concept of millennial home design, where millennials appreciate high productivity and needs to stay up to date. Millennials tend to seek homes with flexibility, ease of living, and high-tech connectivity to keep up with trends. With the ever-evolving design concepts, Summarecon Bandung presents Cluster Genova to  fulfill the current lifestyle. Cluster Genova was launched on Saturday, July 15, 2023, at Clubhouse Genova Summarecon Bandung.

Cluster Genova embodies the urban lifestyle within cool atmosphere and serene of Bandung City. This cluster is applying a breathable concept with open walls as the characteristic feature of "Rumah Adem Summarecon Bandung", which ensures natural airflow circulation. The dynamic and asymmetrical facade design of Cluster Genova represents the essence of modern architecture. The design also adorned with stone and brick colors that creating homely ambiance. Residents of Cluster Genova will have a carport for two cars and more spacious service area. The interior is designed to meet the needs of the occupants and maximizing functionality while ensuring comfort.