Family Weekend Getaway Summarecon Emerald Karawang

Summarecon Emerald Karawang (SEKAR) continues to be committed to presenting an integrated residential area complete with various facilities and beautiful environment, full of comfort for families. Currently, SEKAR is developing 4 residential clusters and 1 commercial area, Advani Homes, Elora Homes, Kalista Homes, Sevanti Homes, and Sapphire Commercial. Taking place on Saturday, March 30th, 2019, at the Advani-Elora House Club, SEKAR specifically invites consumers to see the progress of SEKAR through the event of Customer Gathering Family Weekend Getaway.

SEKAR offers attractive promos for people who want to have an exclusive residence in Summarecon Emerald Karawang through the Triple Untung program, which is only valid until April 30th, 2019. SEKAR also presented the Indonesia outstanding musicians Via Vallen, Family Weekend Challenge photo booth, trivia quiz, arcade games in the form of ball shaking, balloon blaster to family best dress code with a casual tropical theme.