Festival Kuliner Ngabuburit at La Piazza

Enliven the month of Ramadan this year, La Piazza once again held Festival Kuliner Ngabuburit event themed Ramadan Market from 18 May - 3 June 2018. Located in the area L5 - La Piazza, the visitors can taste a variety of special Iftar dishes such as kolak, ice mix jelly , purple banana ice, ice sticky rice, etc., and enjoy dinner with special menus such as lontong sayur, soto betawi, nasi kucing, nasi goreng kambing, sate padang, and many other delicious menu. Accompanying the atmosphere of break fasting, the visitors are entertained by the performances of Religious Acoustic Music, Punakawan Show, Parade Bedug, and short tausiah right before break fasting. Enjoy the lively Ramadan at Festival Kuliner Ngabuburit!

Festival Kuliner Ngabuburit is open every Sunday - Thursday / Public Holidays at 4 - 10 PM and Friday - Saturday, 28, 31 May at 4 -11 PM.