First Stage Sevanti Homes Sales Reach 95%

The Demands for houses in the Karawang area especially for young families area tends to rise, especially for the young families. To accommodate these needs, Summarecon Emerald Karawang launched its fourth cluster, Sevanti Homes, which is offered at affordable prices, starting from Rp.475 million with monthly mortgage installments starting from Rp3 million. Sevanti Homes initial sales were conducted at the Marketing Gallery of Summarecon Emerald Karawang on Saturday, October 27, 2018. 95% from total 72 units offered in the first stage were successfully sold which consisted of two types namely Laurel (6x11) and Carlessi Type (7x11 ). Sevanti Homes will be the last cluster product of Summarecon Emerald Karawang with prices below Rp 500million.