Food Sense MKG Instagrammable Food Court

On April 1st , 2019, Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading again pampered visitors by presenting Food Sense, one of visitor's favorite food courts which moved to the 1st floor of MKG 1, and with a new interior atmosphere with contemporary nuances as well as Instagramable. With this concept, it is expected that visitor's dining experiences can be more enjoyable because they can also take pictures and capture moments with family and loved ones with attractive backgrounds.

Not only has a nice and attractive area, a variety of selected tenants are also presented at Food Sense to enrich food and beverage choices for MKG visitors. Tenants include : Sate Madura Bintang Lima, Bakmi Danau Toba, Nasi Campur Pagoda, Kwetiau 28 Aho, Tori Ichi, Bakso Loncat, Cwie Mie Malang Regia, Salty Sam, Kedai Gado-gado Jakarta, Bebek BKB, Tiga Anak Bawang, Mie Tarik Laiker, Soto Betawi Bang Jaja, Siomay Dago, Nasi Ulam Bu May, Temptation Drink, Ketupat Ci Eng, Bubur Pedo, Nasi Pecel Peyek & Rujak Bu Sisca, Rujak Beubeuk & Tahu Gejrot, Bakpao Sepertiga by Legend Baozi, Ice Juice Kedungsari, Jajanan Pontianak @haw, and Kopi Presso.

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