Fulfill Market`s Demand Summarecon Serpong Launched Mozart Cluster Phase 2

As one of the business units of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, Summarecon Serpong continues to innovate in fulfilling the demands from property market for modern housing built in harmony with the nature. Summarecon Serpong released a new unit of Mozart Cluster, a premium residential cluster in the Symphonia Area. After successfully selling out Mozart Phase 1, Mozart Phase 2 is now being marketed as a new icon for a modern green concept housing with a vision of leading technology. Mozart Phase 2 was marketed virtually on October 3, 2020 as an adjustment to the current pandemic situations to keep the comfort of  the customers.

The enthusiasm of customers is quite good for the premium home’s demand that combines the concepts of ecology, energy and technology which has been realized by Summarecon Serpong through Mozart Cluster Phase 2. The residents can immediately feel luxury and harmony directly through Harmony Lake, a beauty that is only a step from home. The technological innovation in the Mozart Cluster is reflected through double solar panels, smart home systems, smart door locks, and integrated lift ready designs to provide comfort and safety for its residents. Moreover, Summarecon Serpong also maximizes synergy with nature in the Mozart Cluster by presenting an inner courtyard, skylights and large windows, as well as the private pool adding option.

Mozart cluster comes in three types of homes designed in an elegant modern architectural style, in a size choice of type 9 m x 1, 10 x 17, 12 x 17 and the largest choice of size 12 x 23 with swimming pool option. Every home at the Mozart cluster are designed with a choice of three to four bedrooms and a comfortable layout that accentuate warm and windy feeling, using the ultimate-quality materials, the marble clad floors in the main rooms and laminated floors in the bedroom that enhance great coolness and composure of the room. Mozart Cluster are offered with prices starting from Rp. 3,7 billion.