JF3 Fashion Festival 2023: Embracing the Power to Empower for the Rise of Indonesia's Fashion Industry

Organized annually since 2004, the largest and most influential fashion festival in Indonesia, JF3, is once again taking place from July 5th to July 30th, 2023. In its 19th edition this year, JF3 brought various innovations, including being held in two locations. In addition to its scheduled occurrence at Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading (MKG) from July 19th to 30th, this year's JF3 Fashion Festival extended its reach to Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) from July 5th to 19th. This strategic decision to include Serpong in the event was driven by the recognition of its strong market potential, aiming to significantly amplify the business impact for the participants in the fashion industry.

Aligned with JF3's commitment to continuously support the revival of Indonesia's fashion industry, this year's theme "Power to Empower" extends an invitation to both domestic and international stakeholders strongly committed to nurturing the Indonesian fashion industry. Beyond providing facilities and assets, JF3 facilitated global exposure exposure on a global scale and introducing impactful programs, such as the PINTU Incubator initiative, tailored to empower fashion entrepreneurs.

This year, JF3 stepped up its game by collaborating with the global fashion ecosystem. Simultaneously, the event serves as a platform to spotlight artisans, Indonesian fashion micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), all the while propelling JF3's evolution into a more professional entity integrated into the global fashion industry ecosystem.

JF3 hosted two main events: the Fashion Show, featuring 83 renowned Indonesian designers and 7 French designers who presented thousands of captivating collections. This event engaged thousands of fashion practitioners, including artisans, models, choreographers, makeup artists, and more, all participating across the two JF3 runway locations. Another program was the Fashion Village, themed "gaya lokal lebih vokal", which successfully garnered thousands of transactions for 100% locally-produced quality fashion products from 84 local brands. These brands encompassed designer collections, beauty and fragrance products, light bites, and crafts from the local craft council, Dekranasda.