Kite Festival 2023

The Largest Decorative Kite Festival in East Jakarta

For the first time, Summarecon Crown Gading is holding the first national scale event entitled Kite Festival 2023, the Largest Decorative Kite Festival in East Jakarta. This event was held for 2 days from 17 to 18 June 2023 at Summarecon Crown Gading, and it was a collaboration between Summarecon Crown Gading and the Indonesian Kite Museum. This event was a success and was able to attract enthusiastic visitors, especially children who had entered their school holidays.

As the newest area that prioritize a sustainable value on life, Summarecon Crown Gading really welcomes the 2023 Kite Festival. It is hoped that this event will further strengthen the concept of the "All in one city" area which holds the synergy of a modern city with nature through the presence of green open spaces, which support residents can actively play and socialize in the open natural environment as can be seen during the event.

Apart from pampering visitors with performances of dozens of kites flown directly by professionals, at the 2023 Kite Festival Event, visitors can take part in creative Fun Workshops for children and adults and also there’s Sharing Sessions with Ms. Endang Drajat as the Founder of the Indonesian Kite Museum which tells how unique and diverse kites are in Indonesia.

As a form of support for local business, the 2023 Kite Festival event also collaborates with food and beverage of the locals, as well as the Durian Bazaar which fulfills the culinary needs of its visitors. In the future, Summarecon Crown Gading is also open to become a venue for various unique events and other added value that can take advantage of this strategic location, covering an area of ??437 hectares.