Moshi Moshi 3 Days Of Japan Festival 2023

Many people are interested in getting to know Japanese culture with a variety of culinary delights, fashion and world-famous Japanese entertainment. This can be seen from the enthusiasm of many people participating in the event with the cherry blossom country theme. After being successfully held last year, Summarecon Mall Bekasi is bringing back the Moshi Moshi "3 Days Of Japan Festival" 2023, which will be held on December 1-3, 2023. 

Visitors will be greeted with various decorations with Japanese cultural nuances at the event located in The Downtown Walk area. This event, which lasted for 3 consecutive days, invited visitors to experience the uniqueness of Japanese culture by presenting Bazaars, Artist Performances, Matsuri Parades, Live Action Cosplay, Thematic Performances and Competitions.