Srimaya Commercial Summarecon Sold Out Succesfully

PT Summarecon Agung Tbk (Summarecon) through its business unit, Summarecon Bekasi, achieved positive results for the current product launching. On Saturday, July 18, 2020, Summarecon Bekasi launched Srimaya Commercial and successfully sold 100% of sales within 5 hours. Starting from Rp375 million, Srimaya Commercial becomes the first business space in Srimaya Residence area that offer in very affordable price.

In this current pandemic it is important to ensure safety and health continuously, therefore Summarecon operates the current public health protocol by conducting an online launching system. Starting from the registration process, unit selections by the customer and purchasing process through registration using the CBC (Costumer Booking Online) system. The whole online sales process created new excitement and some obstacles can be managed without lost customer’s interest. As results, Summarecon successfully sold products up to fourth stage and total of 65 Srimaya Commercial Sales units have been sold and closed with SOLD OUT.