Within 7 Hours, Srimaya Residence Sold 468 Units

On August 4, 2018, PT Summarecon Agung Tbk (SMRA) officially launched an innovation for the development of the latest residential area of Srimaya Residence in Bekasi. As a developer who has worked in the real estate industry for 43 years, Summarecon presents for the first time an affordable residential area, from Rp. 340 million which is also the answer for the people of Bekasi and surrounding areas who want the Summarecon offer on site.

112 units from the first stage The Arkana cluster that became the first cluster of Srimaya Residence is offered in today's sales, with two types of types, namely Laksmi-type with a land area of 60m2 and Padmarini type with a land area of 70m2. But up to a day before the original sale, more than 475 potential customers have completed the Customer Boooking Code (CBC). The sale was closed with a total of 468 units sold within 7 hours, consisting of 268 units Arkarna Cluster and 200 Cluster Baswara units with a total sale of Rp.188M. 

Especially for potential customers who make transactions at the time of launch, Summarecon provides convenience in the payment system, with a 15% DP that can be repaid 18 times with Rp. 2.8 million per month.