Strozzi Warmly Welcomed by Property Consumers in its Initial Sales

Strozzi Cluster, the latest masterpiece presented by Summarecon Serpong, is the perfect answer to the property consumers' demand for residential needs that uphold the dynamic concept of "Work-Life Balance" in a healthy environment close to nature. Recently, Strozzi has been introduced to property consumers and received a warm welcome on its first day of sales, Saturday, June 10, 2023. With prices starting from IDR 2.4 billion, consumers are given the freedom to choose a house unit with a size of 7x12 or 8x12, accompanied by benefits such as a smart home system, solar panels, smart panels, as well as a complimentary Dyson Air Purifier and IKEA voucher worth IDR 50 million for early bird registrants. Strozzi Cluster is designed with a choice of three to four bedrooms, with an optional Attic Area, either indoor and outdoor attic or an indoor attic with a sky balcony.

This residential area is designed with a minimalist-modern architectural style, which not only maximizes the utilization of natural light and good cross ventilation but also accommodates the needs of its occupants. What makes Strozzi special is the maximization of space through the attic concept on the third floor, making it suitable for individuals of all ages who dream of having a residence during their productive years. Located in the strategic area of Symphonia, Strozzi is close to public facilities such as shopping centers, hospitals, schools, commercial and business areas, universities, and even office spaces. Symphonia is an environment that promotes the concept of healthy living in an open nature setting, directly adjacent to the Urban Lake Park. Strozzi, as The Real Attic residence is marketed with limited units available. For more information, please visit the website