Submission of Aid from Summarecon to Kodam Jaya

On Monday, March 21, 2022, located at the Jayakarta Military Regional Command Headquarters (Kodam Jaya), Summarecon handed over assistance to Kodam Jaya in the form of 1000 portable radios, 500 t-shirts and 33 thousand coffee sachets. The symblolic handover from Summarecon was given by Warno J. Willyandi as the Associate Director of Summarecon and received directly by the Regional Commander Major Jendral (Mayjen) Untung Budiharto.

The provision of this assistance received a good appreciation from the Pangdam Jaya and was considered very helpful because it will be able to complete the needs of assigning task force members that spread across various regions in Indonesia. This contribution also parts of the initiative to supports the work plan of Pangdam Jaya in making the situation of Indonesia become more secure and comfortable. Closing the series, the event was also filled with casual activity between the two institutions and hoped that in the future the synergy of cooperation could be continued and improved.