Summarecon And West Java Provincial Government Cooperation To Build East Bandung Infrastructure

PT Summarecon Agung, Tbk., through its business unit, Summarecon Bandung (PT Mahkota Permata Perdana), and West Java Provincial Government, are cooperating to build infrastructure in East Bandung area. The cooperation will be conducted in the form of Cooperation Agreement, and will be signed by both side on Wednesday, January 10, 2018.

These cooperation is implemented due to infrastructure construction by Summarecon Bandung on 48.912 m2 area, owned by West Java Provincial Government. The construction consist of the development for main road, ring road, and flyover from Gedebage Toll Exit (KM149 Padaleunyi) to other public roads for the community's benefit.

The whole road development is a part of Bandung Raya Toll network constellations, which is consist of construction for Bandung Intra Urban Toll Road (BIUTR) flyover.

"We are very grateful that today we have signed a cooperation agreement between Summarecon Bandung with West Java Provincial Government. Therefore, our planing since 2015 for infrastructure developement could be implemented immediately," said Adrianto P. Adhi, President Director of Summarecon.