Summarecon Bandung Reaches Rp. 112 Billion in the Flora Cluster Online Launch

Summarecon Bandung as a business unit of PT Summarecon Agung TBK., This time launched its newest residential cluster, the Flora Cluster, Saturday (5/9). Cluster Flora is a residence that adapts to a new lifestyle where many activities are centered at home as a place to work, play, study, and of course a comfortable place to rest. The launch of the Flora Cluster today went well with sales value of Rp. 112 billion from the sold 65 housing units.

At the launching of the Flora Cluster, for the first time Summarecon Bandung made online sales. This is to prioritize the health, comfort and safety of consumers, property agents, partner banks, and all people involved in this online launch. The newest cluster from Summarecon Bandung was released as many as 90 units in the first phase. The Flora cluster has two types, namely Freya and Fiona. The Freya type is offered at a price of more than Rp. 1.7 billion, while the Fiona type is offered at a price of more than Rp. 1.4 billion. Summarecon Bandung opens sales for potential customers who are interested in the Flora Cluster after the launch period.