Summarecon Crown Gading - New Property Primadona In North-East Jakarta

The ease of accessibility in the North - East Jakarta region is increasingly open with the presence of the JORR 2 toll road, namely the Cibitung - Cilincing Toll Road. The presence of the toll road, which was inaugurated on September 20, is expected to be able to improve economic and property developments in the surrounding area so that it has an impact on the presence of growth center points that will experience rapid development. Now, the potential of the North - East Jakarta area is increasing and is used as one of the most sought after Sunrise Properties by property Lakers. With this great potential, Summarecon opened a new area, namely Summarecon Crown Gading (SCG), covering an area of ??437 Ha. The name Summarecon Crown Gading itself was taken from its location which was only 15 minutes from Summarecon's first project, Summarecon Kelapa Gading, which was developed 46 years ago with its higher and growing value, and is still a favorite area in North Jakarta.

Adrianto P. Adhi as President Director of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk explained, Summarecon Crown Gading is the development of an 8th city-scale area by Summarecon, after Kelapa Gading, Serpong, Bekasi, Bandung, Karawang, Makassar and Bogor.The development of this area is the result of the collaboration between Joint Venture between Summarecon and the Putra Land Ambassador, which covers 437 Ha, with the best location, to be precise to the east of Kelapa Gading, along with the Marunda Economic Zone and Commercial Center in Bekasi."SCG will be a very important and historic project for the company, because it brings a concept phenomenon from Summarecon Kelapa Gading City, the first area developed by Summarecon, with various improvements and quality improvements that are more in line with the times to meet consumer needs, but will still feel thick with the soul of Summarecon City Kelapa Gading. The project that we have prepared for approximately 10 years is also expected to contribute in the form of economic, social and environmental growth in the area of regional development," 

With the leading location in North - East Jakarta, SCG has the best access because its location is adjacent to each other, with a distance of 1 km from the JORR 2 and 7 km toll gate from Jakarta. This makes SCG the main gate for crossing residents as well as a magnet for the development of surrounding areas. With these various advantages, the name Summarecon Crown Gading, which has the most valuable crown meaning, will make the area New Kelapa Gading which not only offers the latest, sparkling, dynamic and high-value area, but also prioritizes the value of sustainability with nature.

Albert Luhur as Executive Director of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, explained that “SCG was designed to be the city of 'All in One City’ by prioritizing synergies between modern cities and nature. Inspired by the healthy lifestyle trend, the ecological development of SCG City allows the creation of harmony between citizens and nature and the surrounding environment."We met similar steps in the design of the National Capital City of the Archipelago which represents the concept of unity but still heeds the beauty of the environment. This is why we collaborated with Sibarani Sofyan to design the SCG master plan, a master planer with an international reputation that won the design competition for the New Capital, as well as the Elected Chair of the Indonesian City Design Expert Association 2022-2025," explained Albert.

The advantage of SCG is that this city-scale area will provide a green open space of 26 Ha, as an effort to contribute to carbon reduction by multiplying trees and using environmentally friendly technology. The presence of the City Center SCG covering an area of 21 Ha will be designed as a dynamic and environmentally friendly Integrated City Center and equipped with a Vibrant Walkable Center as an integrated access to various facilities that will be present, as well as making it a friendly area for pedestrians.This area will be developed into a Central Business District (CBD) equipped with the presence of Summarecon Mall with new concepts and various other facilities such as apartments, hotels, fitness Clubs, Schools & Universities, Community Center, Office Park, Central Garden, and hospitals.

"High enthusiasm for Summarecon Crown Gading products is very much felt. This can be seen in the Product Knowing event which was carried out offline at the Kelapa Gading Ocean Hall building, October 4, 2022, which managed to break the record, with the total participants present reaching 2102 property agents," added Albert.

New Super Cluster Concept and Launch 2 Latest Cluster

For landed residential areas, SCG will develop The Florana, a new Super Cluster concept located at the South Main Gate, where the housing environment is equipped with Serene Green & Lake as the heart of community cluster life. As a Super Cluster, The Florana will consist of 11 clusters in it. Various facilities can be easily accessible by residents via routes connected by each cluster, such as gardens, lakes, 2.6 km jogging tracks, bicycle lines, to pedestrian paths for pedestrians. At the heart of The Florana, residents can enjoy a green spine that has natural coolness, green space, and a place where every outdoor activity is the most beautiful moment.

The initial sale will be made on Saturday, November 12, 2022. Sales The first phase of Luxury Home will be offered a total of 681 units, namely 417 units of Cluster Regia Residence, residential with the Modern Tropical concept Type 5x11, 6x11, 7x11, 7x13 and 8x13 with prices ranging from Rp952 million, as well as 264 units of Cluster Jasmia Residence, residential with a Classic Modern concept Type 9x15, 10x15, and 12x16 at prices starting from Rp2.6M.

There are conveniences in payment methods, namely with the Cash Plan 15 & 27 times, KPR Express DP at least 10 percent, DP 5 percent Cicil 3 Months + Cashback 5 percent. Ordering units have been opened from October 18, 2022 to November 10, 2022 with a CBC (Customer Booking Code) system.