Summarecon Grand Expo 2018 Launched Burgundy Residence Stage 3

Summarecon Bekasi held Summarecon Grand Expo 2018 at The Forum Summarecon Mall Bekasi on March 15 to 25, 2018. During this period offered special promo of discount up to 15% and mortgage interest ranging from 2.9% fixed for 2 years for Apartments, Houses and Condovilla.

In Summarecon Grand Expo 2018 also conducted Burgundy Residence launching stage 3. Previously Burgundy Residence comes in 3 types namely Scarlet, Magenta, and Vermilion, Summarecon Bekasi now offers one of the newest type of Carmine is marketed starting from Rp. 850million.

Albert Luhur as Executive Director of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk. said "The presence of the latest type, Carmine, provides a new alternative Especially for those who want to have a home in Summarecon Bekasi but only have a budget under Rp1M. This is done for One of the great potential that we try to address is to meet the younger market or first home buyer, not least the millennial who want to have a house around Jakarta. Consumers can have clusters with lake views, exclusive club houses, equipped with solar panels, smart home features, fiber optic with a capacity of more than 10TB / s and various other facilities”.