Summarecon Mall Bekasi Presents the Japanese Culture Festival

Summarecon Mall Bekasi is holding an annual event titled Moshi Moshi "3 Days of Japan Festival". Located in the area of The Downtown Walk, this event will take place on November 29 - December 1, 2019, which will present Matsuri Parade, Bazzar Merchandise, Culinary, Cosplay Competition, Cover Dance and Artist Performance for three consecutive days.

Moshi Moshi began with the Cover Dance Competition and the martial arts attraction from Japan, Kempo and a special performance from Yuka Tamada. On the second day, Japan's cultural diversity is presented in a series of Matsuri Parade. The action of the cosplayers also helped enliven the event by wearing his best costumes such as favorite fictional characters Kamen Rider and One Piece. Moreover, Harajuku Kids Competition became a new competition that was presented at Moshi Moshi. After enjoying a variety of Japanese cultural diversity,the visitors were entertained through Japanese Harmony and Ramengvrl performances. The Moshi Moshi japanese festival was closed by the excitement of Cosplay Team Competition. In addition, there will also be an Ikebana workshop which is an art of arranging flowers. While enjoying a variety of culinary delights, the visitors were entertained by Japanese pop genre music from the Henohenomoheji band and spend the night with a DJ from Redshift .

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