Summarecon Mall Serpong Successfully Held a Full House Festival Musikus Cinta

Summarecon Mall Serpong successfully held the Festival Musikus Cinta on July 2nd, 2023, at Uptown Park. All tickets were sold out, and 10,000 concert-goers filled Uptown Park to sing and have fun together at the Festival Musikus Cinta.

Festival Musikus Cinta opened with a performance by Ahmad Band, a band led by Ahmad Dhani. Then, The Lucky Laki, a band formed by Ahmad Dhani's sons, ignited the spirit of the audience with their energetic and captivating music. Festival Musikus Cinta concluded with an unforgettable and special performance by Dewa 19 featuring Ari Lasso and Ello, who performed their legendary and nostalgic songs that had the audience singing along.

Uptown Park, located in the area of Summarecon Mall Serpong, is the newest music concert and event venue with a capacity of up to 10,000 spectators. Uptown Park is equipped with an existing stage, the first dB Technologies VIO212 sound system in Indonesia, and international-scale lighting. In addition to music concerts, Uptown Park can also be used for various events such as exhibitions, bazaars, and other art performances.