Summarecon's Contribution to Encouraging The Economy During Pandemic

On April 7, 2022, the General Meeting of Shareholders of Summarecon was held. In its report, Summarecon describes its efforts to maintain productivity as well as its economic and social contributions.

Summarecon President Director, Adrianto P. Adhi explained, "To maintain the company's business operations to remain productive and also make a positive contribution to all stakeholders during the pandemic, we strictly maintain product quality, upgrade product designs that adapt to people's lifestyle needs, provide services oriented to customer satisfaction, as well as marketing incentive by offering reasonable payment schemes and relatively low loan interest rates. This makes Summarecon property products more attractive and more affordable for the public.”

"With the implementation of these various strategies, throughout 2021 the company managed to record a pre-sales figure of Rp5.2 trillion or 30% above the target of Rp4 trillion and 58% above the 2020 achievement of Rp3.3 trillion. This is the highest record in the company's history”, continued Adrianto.

During its 47 years of existence, Summarecon has built 7 city-scale areas. Not only presenting a city with a variety of facilities, but also encouraging the growth of new economic centers in Kelapa Gading, Serpong, Bekasi, Bandung, Karawang, Makassar, and Bogor.