The 6th Years Celebration of the Festival Kuliner Bekasi

Summarecon Mal Bekasi is back to satisfy your passion for great Indonesian food. Marking its 6th celebration of the Festival Kuliner Bekasi (FKB), for over 32 days the festival will be held on 16 August to 16 September 2018 with the best of Indonesia's cuisine and cultures heritage. Located in the west parking area of The Downtown Walk, FKB carries a tagline with Surabaya dialect, "Weteng Wareg Ati Marem Rek" which means "I'm full, I'm Happy". Beside that, you can also enjoy cultural performances, children's play, live music acts to the gathering of animal lover community.

There are hundreds of favorite food menus including Raja Rawon, Cwie Mie Malang, Lontong Balap, Sego Pecel Ndeso Mr.J, Sego Resek Malang, Bakso Malang, Rujak Cingur & Tahu Campur, Tahu Tek, Es Goyang, Suwe Ora Kopi, Sate Tulang, Ketan Bakar and many more. Every weekend, you can enjoy East Javanese dances such as Reog Ponorogo, Gelipang Dance, Remo Dance, Jejer Dance and various music entertainment.