The Curious Charms of Borneo in Festival Kuliner Serpong 2018

Summarecon Mal Serpong (SMS) bring back the most awaited culinary event. Marking its 8thcelebrations, Festival Kuliner Serpong (FKS) bring a new concept with tagline ‘Pesona Bumi Borneo’ means the charms of Borneo, the characteristics of Kalimantan island as one of the beauty of Indonesian cultures. Located at the South Parking Area SMS, FKS will be held on August 16thto September 16th2018. Wrapped up in typical Kalimantan decorations, the stage is formed resemble to Dayak tribe authentic house that is often found throughout Borneo island.

In addition to serve various Kalimantan culinary specialties, FKS also invited Kalimantan musician, Radja Band and Element, who will perform to liven up the event on the main stage. Traditional dance such as Tari Borneo Khatulistiwa and the harmony of Sape, Kalimantan’s traditional music instrument, will also presented to enliven the FKS 2018 athmosphere.

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