The Excitement of “Jelajah Rasa Jalur Mudik” at Festival Kuliner Serpong 2023

The moment of returning to your hometown or “mudik” is a tradition that is always carried out every year. Homecoming trips are interesting because they offer beautiful views, as well as regional specialties that can be tasted while passing. Talking about culinary along the”mudik” route, each region has traditional food with different characteristics. To highlight the culinary diversity typical of the “mudik” route, Summarecon Mall Serpong (SMS) present Festival Kuliner Serpong (FKS), with the theme “Jelajah Rasa Jalur Mudik”, starting August 16 – October 1 2023, at SMS East Parking area.

There will be more than 90 culinary delights, such as Empal Gentong Bu Dharma Cirebon, Cirebon Mang Sam Koclok Noodles, Lembang Carmel Rabbit Sate, Sinjay Madura Duck Rice, Java Loenpia Semarang, Bu Rudy Surabaya Souvenir Center, Yammie Pathuk Kemetiran Jogja, Gudeg Yu Djum, Srabi Notosuman Ny. Handayani Solo, as well as other culinary from “Jalur Mudik” routes.

FKS 2023 will be filled with a variety of exciting activities such as art parades, musical entertainment from various regions, and art skills workshops. Not only that, FKS 2023 will also be enlivened by performances from Element on August 16 2023 and Raissa Anggiani on September 15 2023 at 8 PM.

Complete information about FKS 2023 can be seen on Instagram and TikTok @sms_serpong, Facebook Fanpage at Summarecon Mall Serpong, or at