The Excitement of Serpong Green Warrior Run 2018

For the third time, Summarecon Mal Serpong (SMS) with Summarecon Serpong (SS) as Property Developer Indonesia held a running competition event called “Serpong Green Warrior Run 2018”(SGWR), which held on Sunday, September 16th , 2018. The competition started at 05.00 a.m up until the mid-day, 12.00 p.m. SGWR exists as a part of the annual event, Festival Kuliner Serpong (FKS). 

This year, SGWR presented something different, obstacles or challenges were prepped and must be conquered by the “Warriors”- The name of SGWR participant. This year’s SGWR feature some challenges, They were divided into three categories; 5K, 10K and the Family Warrior Challenge (FWC). The purpose of FWC was to encourage curious children to explore the fun of muddy obstacle run with their parents.

More than 2500 participants participated in this event, both came from International and National areas. The other excitement was seen from Family Warrior Challenge category, which participated by 500 families. They were very enthusiastic to finish every obstacle with their family as a team. Hopefully, the presence of this running category could become a heartwarming moment between the children and their parents.