The Prime Selling of Cluster Heron Summarecon Serpong was Officially Conduct

Specially prepared as a gift to celebrate the success of property consumers at the end of the year, Summarecon Serpong which is a business unit of one of the property companies in Indonesia, PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, is again offering prestigious products through Cluster Heron which is wrapped in luxury and the latest technology and is located in a strategic and green area, namely The Springs which has won several world-class awards. This 2.5-storey house, which is available in 4 types with a width of 9 metres and 11 metres, has held its first prime sale, on Saturday, 19 November 2022 offline at Plaza Summarecon Serpong with initial prices starting from IDR 5.2 billion.

Heron is rightly called a symbol of success because it presents the figure of everyone's dream home through futuristic designs such as skydeck, skylight, and mezzanine level. Heron is also covered with marble floors and modern home facilities such as sanitary Kohler, Electric Vehicle Charging Ready, Home Lift Ready, Private Pool, Automatic Garage Door , Smart Home System, Carport Canopy, and 11,000 watts of electric power. More special with the Grand Prize 1 unit of Wuling Air ev on its prime sale. Heron becomes the best future gift that a person can give to himself and his family to achieve "The Harmony of Healthy Living".