Summarecon Mutiara Makassar

Summarecon Mutiara Makassar
Marketing Gallery
Jl. Mutiara Boulevard (Exit Tol Ir. Sutami KM 8)
Makassar 90243
Tel: 0411 438 0888
Fax:0411 438 1888

Summarecon has successfully developed compact cities in various locations, now it`s ready to develop a 400-hectare Aeroport City in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi Province which has the highest economic growth in Indonesia. Can be reached directly from the toll exit of Ir. Sutami, Summarecon Mutiara Makassar is strategically located close to the airport and the port in Eastern Indonesia as a center for intercity and international business. Equipped with logistics / warehouse facilities as well as hotel and convention hall, Summarecon Mutiara Makassar will presents a Commercial and Residential Area. Large-scale infrastructure development around Summarecon Mutiara Makassar solidified the position of Makassar City as the East Indonesia trade HUB.

The commercial zone of Summarecon Mutiara Makassar will be the center of business and trade, which provide a full range of choices from building materials, electronics, furniture to textiles. The presence of commercial areas with various facilities can support the lives of urban communities and become shopping destinations and also a great place to spend the quality time in comfortable modern shopping centers. In the future, there will be a Hospitals and Schools which demonstrates its commitment to maintain the quality of life of it`s residents and surrounding communities.

It`s presence as an integrated area between businesses and residences allows residential residents of Summarecon Mutiara Makassar to have more quality time to spend with their families. Not only leading in terms of location, Summarecon Mutiara Makassar will have complete facilities to support a comfortable and modern life attract the, such as swimming pools, children playgrounds, clubhouses, 24-hour security, to professional management of Town Management.

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