Summarecon Serpong Achieves 155 Billion Through Melody 2 Commercials

The current drop in Covid-19 cases has sped up the pace of economic growth. By looking at these conditions, Summarecon Serpong offers a commercial product unit, namely Melody 2 Commercials which was launched on April 23, 2022. Various product features offered to consumers and managed to record marketing sales of 155 billion rupiah in just two hours. These new shophouses are located in the newest development area and  are expected to be the success key for property consumers.

Magdalena Juliati, Executive Director of Summarecon Serpong, explained that Summarecon Serpong always strives to complement the developed area by continuing to innovate, observe, and operate the best potentials that exist around Melody 2 Commercial. So that Melody 2 Commercials can be the answer to the world of entrepreneurship, business, and investment, the current one growing dynamically, where offline space is also needed in the middle of online space growth.

Starting from 2.6 billion rupiah, Melody 2 Commercials are marketed with a new special concept, where there‚Äôs  a deck that is in direct contact with the beauty of Melody Lake so that it adds aesthetic value to the business. The attraction is even more special because it is available in 2 types of size, 5x16 and 5x20 widths, limited optional 2 dan 3 storeys. All of that makes Melody 2 Commercial become an ideal space for developing various types of businesses and ideal  for those entrepreneurs who are looking for a large space, open concept area, natural light and natural circulation.