Summarecon Serpong Reaching Millennials with the Martinez Compact House

On last February 23rd was a glorious moment for Summarecon Serpong as a business units of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk. After successfully introducing Symphonia, a new 200-hectare residential area, Summarecon Serpong kick off 2019 by presenting its newest product called Martinez, the fifth cluster in this premium area. Martinez itself was taken from the name of female composer Mariana Martinez that to be expected as a woman who brought a new life. A high enthusiasm can be seen from its first launch which Summarecon Serpong successfully managed to sell more than 200 units Martinez in one day.

This cluster is the answer to a very good responses from consumers toward four previous clusters in Symphonia, which are Verdi, Vivaldi, Rossini and Mozart. Slightly different from four other clusters, Martinez is offered in affordable prices, to reach the needs of millennials. Martinez will be built in Melody District which also different from other cluster where built in Harmony District. However, Martinez area still get same privileges by having 3 hectare lake on its area.

Martinez is a 2 floor dream home designed as a compact home and wrap in modern architectural design. On the other hand, Martinez still has the advantage brought by Symphonia as a collaboration of energy, technology and ecology that assembles as a comfortable residential area, in line with the Symphonia tagline, Embrace The Future With Natures Lifestyle.

Martinez cluster is offered at Rp. 900 million for a standard type with 2 BR and 5 meters x 10.5 meters size. Moreover, Martinez also provide deluxe type with 3 BR. Show unit Martinez can be visited since 2 February 2019, opened from 08.30 - 19.00 WIB. Martinez is equipped with a smart home system and supported by the 24 Hours Security System, Childrens Playground facilities, Swimming Pool and Club House.