Tata Kelola Perusahaan

We are assured that one of our key success factors in the property business is the consistent and sustainable application of good corporate governance. Good corporate governance will ensure that the Company’s assets and resources are managed optimally and responsibly, and hence will ensure the Company’s continued existence well into the coming years ahead.

The Company always manages its business within the prevailing regulations, and is also based on ethics and cultures that uphold morality. We espouse integrity and teamwork in every aspect of our work so as to reach our objectives, to strive for continuous improvements, and to provide excellent service to our customers.

Upholding and practicing the “IT IS BEST @Summarecon” values are key to our continuous success;

I which denotes Integrity,

T for Teamwork,

I for Improvement,

S for Service Excellence,

B for Balanced Life,

E for Fast, Effective & Efficient,

S for Family Values, dan

T for Commitment.