Santo Borromeus Hospital will be built in Summarecon Bandung

Summarecon Bandung (PT Mahkota Permata Perdana), a business unit of PT Summarecon Agung Tbk, continues to build and re-equip the area it has developed with various public facilities. and Marketeers Magazine. This time, in collaboration with the Santo Borromeus Hospital, presenting a quality hospital in the integrated city area of Summarecon Bandung. Both parties represented by Hindarko Hasan as Executive Director of Summarecon Bandung and dr. Cynthia Limandibrata as Chairperson of Perkumpulan Perhimpunan Santo Borromeus, signed a memorandum of understanding at Balerea, Plaza Summarecon Bandung, Bandung City, Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

Entering its 100th year, Perkumpulan Perhimpunan Santo Borromeus purchased land in the Summarecon Bandung area which will be used to build a hospital for the development and expansion of the St. Borromeus Hospital in Bandung City. The Santo Borromeus Hospital in Summarecon Bandung will be built in two stages with a green hospital design, in accordance with the award received by the Santo Borromeus Hospital in 2018 as the first winner of the Best Private Green Hospital at the national level.  As a hospital that has been internationally accredited by the Hospital Accreditation Commission in 2020, the concept of improving quality and patient safety will be the most important basis for all services at the St. Borromeus Hospital which will soon be built.