Summarecon Crown Gading

Summarecon Crown Gading
Plaza Summarecon Agung
Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 42
Jakarta Timur
Tel: 021 471 44 71

Along with 47 years of experience, Summarecon has opened a new area, namely Summarecon Crown Gading (SCG), covering an area of 437 Ha. The name Summarecon Crown Gading is taken from its location which is only 15 minutes from Summarecon's first project, namely Summarecon Kelapa Gading, which has been developed since 46 years ago with a higher and growing value, and is still a favorite area in North Jakarta. With a leading location in the North - East Jakarta area, SCG has the best access because it is located next door, with a distance of 1 km from the JORR 2 toll gate and 7 km from Jakarta.

The highlight of SCG is that this city-scale area will provide 26 hectares of green open space, as an effort to contribute for carbon reduction by planting trees and implementing environmentally friendly technology. The presence of the 21 Ha SCG City Center will be designed as an Integrated City Center that is dynamic, environmentally friendly and also equipped with a Vibrant Walkable Center as an integrated access to various facilities that will be present, as well as making it a pedestrian-friendly area. This area will be developed into a Central Business District (CBD) that will become new home of Summarecon Mall with a new concept and various other facilities such as apartments, hotels, fitness clubs, schools & universities, Community Centers, Office Parks, Central Gardens, and hospitals.

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