RS Saint Carolus Summarecon Serpong Wins The "Gerakan Sayang Ibu" Competition

Saint Carolus Summarecon Serpong Hospital has achieved first place in the "Gerakan Sayang Ibu" competition at the district level in Tangerang, under the category of Mother and Baby Care Hospitals (Rumah Sakit Sayang Ibu dan Bayi/RSSIB). The award was presented during the celebration of the 78th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia and was directly handed over by the Regent of Tangerang following the independence ceremony.

The "Gerakan Sayang Ibu" is a program jointly organized by the Tangerang district government and the community to enhance the quality of life for women, accelerate the reduction of maternal and infant mortality rates, and improve the quality of human resources. Saint Carolus Summarecon Serpong Hospital, in particular, has been continuously striving to provide innovative and comprehensive healthcare services, particularly for maternal and child health, in support of the GSI program, especially in Tangerang district.